About us

Stefadina Comserv L.L.C. was founded in 1996, its primary objective being the work in the archive field (Code CAEN 9101), in accordance with the National Archive Law no.16/1996 published in the Official Gazette of Romania, no. 71, april 9th 1996, and under the Instructions regarding archive practice of document holders and creators, approved by the National Archives by Order no. 217/ mai 23rd 1996.

Today, S.C. Stefadina Comserv L.L.C. has become a leader in carrying out specific services of archiving domain. Everything was possible by defining clear objectives from the start, based on professionalism, work quality and maximum efficiency. The continuos diversification of our operations has built our current structure, in such a way that today, Stefadina holds its activity in its own location with the highest technical equipment, approved by the National Archives.

Out of all the investments Stefadina Comserv has made, its most valuable asset remains the people. We have constantly initiated and trained specialists capable of finding solutions to all current issues regarding the management of archive documents. The constant training is an European concept in which our company strongly believes, that all of our employees must adopt and put in practice.

Stefadina Comserv L.L.C., a company specialized in document management, processing and storage of archives, invests in educating the market about the benefits that document management can bring. The company has developed a strong network of partners and is always looking for experts recognized in their field, eager to join in this endeavor.

Stefadina Publishing was incorporated in 2014 at the initiative of our education and scientific team. It aims to promote the scientific research concerning Romania’s national history, international relations and of the religious thought and practice as a universal value. We firmly stand for the promotion of authentic scientific research which promotes the national culture.

We aim to support any form of scientific research, allowing the researcher a great deal of creativity and independence and inspiring him or her to be responsible and inclined towards cultural and social evolution. Apart from our specialized periodical “Stefadina....files of archive”, we have published a great deal of reference books in the fields of political, social, humane, and natural sciences, medicine or divinity studies.

Stefadina Publishing works toward publishing well established Romanian and foreign personalities, supports and organizes book launches and scientific conferences as follows:

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