Prof. Univ. Dr. Gheorghe Sbârnă visits Stefadina Comserv


Prof.univ. dr. Gheorghe Sbârnă – Romanian Contemporary History teacher. Born on February 8th 1942, in Brasov. He graduated from Bucharest University, History Department, in 1966. Doctor in history at the Social Political Science Academy in 1977 with the thesis “The fight for democratic youth, unity in the interbelic period”. Professor at Valahia University in Targoviste, in 1999. Asistent and lector at the Social Political Science Academy in Bucharest (1966-1990). Lector at Bucharest University. Professor at “Spiru Haret” University from 1994 and Valahia University from 1995. Member of the editorial circle at Annales D’Universite Valahia magazine, Section d’Archeologie et d’Histoire (from 2001). He studied in Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Russia. He published 8 books about our Romanian political history in the modern and contemporary period. He focused on the history of the Romanian political parties and institutions from XIX-XX century (including the history of the press and Parliament).