Ion I.C. Bratianu. Construction engineer and statesman

October 4, 2016, Bucharest

On October 4,  2016, in the Marble Hall of the Palace of the National Military Center (one of the most successful achievements of Romanian architecture), before the great event who will commemorate 140 years since the establishment of the Military Center of Officer from the Bucharest Garrison (15 December 1876), it has hosted a new conference organized from this school tradition in Romania.

Cycle Conferences organized by the National Military Center debuted on April 6, 2011 inviting the academician Mircea Malita, tet-a-tet. Having as ultimate invited renowned historian Neagu Djuvara, engineer Nicolae Noica completes the panoply of great personalities which had been invited to this kind of cultural-scientific events. The proposed theme: the commemoration of 100 years since Romania entered World War I and the outstanding personality of construction engineer and statesman Ion I.C. Bratianu.

The event has enjoyed a consistent audience and a particular interest in these topics and presented unpublished data and documents.