Digital Encyclopedia “Romania 1918. People, moments and images”

April 3, 2018, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

In consonance with the series of events prepared for the 100th anniversary of the Great Union, the SIVECO Foundation has launched at a conference the long awaited Digital Encyclopedia “Romania 1918. People, moments and images”.

The launching conference was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania. The event was also attended by a team of volunteers who contributed to the encyclopedia: historians, researchers, collectors, university professors, museographers, writers, bloggers, graphic designers, web designers, marketing people, weapons specialists.

Taking advantage of SIVECO Romania’s technological and informational experience, in partnership with prestigious cultural institutions and personalities of Romanian society, the Digital Encyclopedia “Romania 1918. People, moments and images” was designed to celebrate the people and moments that made it was possible to complete Romania 100 years ago, being a unique collection of hundreds of rare images, unique movies, 3D visualizations of monuments commemorating the Great Union, World War I weapons, animated photographs, testimonies from the front, but also from behind the front.

The purpose of this approach is to present in another light “the stories of people who do not appear in the textbooks from which we learn at school, but they are much more precious in their character than many of those who are notorious,” said Radu Jugureanu, coordinator project and eContent director SIVECO Romania.

At the same time, in this action, the above-mentioned said that he wants “until September 1, this Encyclopedia to reach all teachers of history, such that at 1 December to reach all Romanian students, as study material”.