Annual Scientific Session “Archives between history and informational science”

During 2-3 June 2016, the representatives of Stefadina Comserv have been present at the Annual Scientific Session “Archives between history and informational sciences” which took place at the Faculty of Archival Science within the Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”. The session was organized with the occasion of  the 185th year since the founding of the State Archives through the Organic Regulation. The participants were highly respected historians and archive specialists from the National Archives, Romanian Academy, Bucharest University, History Institute “Nicolae Iorga”, Faculty of Archival Sciences and private companies that activate within the archive field.

The Scientific Communications Session was divided in two sections: one in regards to history, lead by Dr. Gheorghe Lazar and Dr. Iulia Chesca and one in regards to Archival Sciences, lead by Dr. Cristina Popovici and Dr. Ana – Felicia Diaconu. The Archival Sciences discussion was opened by Mrs. Melentina Bazgan (Faculty of Archival Sciences) through the presentation of the methods of teaching archive sciences, both on national and international levels. Mrs. Cristina Tineghe has emphasized during the discussions the necessity for specialized courses that will provide legal information to the private sector.

The delegate from Stefadina Comserv, Mr. Mihai Nicolae has made references to the issues that a privately owned company deals within the archive field, especially in regards to document creators and holders.