Andrei Şaguna Days, XXV edition

June 22 – 23, 2017, Sf. Gheorghe

In the context of the 20th edition dedicated to the Days of Andrei Şaguna, the session of scientific communications started on June 22, 2017 with the theme “Year 1917 – a decisive moment in the realization of the national ideal”, in the speeches presenting specialized articles dedicated to the heroic facts from Mărăşeşti, Mărăşti, Oituz in 1917. On the same day, book releases took place, the addressed subjects being dedicated to local history and also to the national area.

The second day, June 23, 2017, was reserved for Sociology representatives, these presenting in the materials prepared outstanding studies and researches on the theme of the proposed event as well as personal concerns.

Following the events, on the topic “Pages of Romanian History and Culture“, local and national researchers have in a few words exposed new testimonies on enterprises that relate to the scientific work of each one. An important space was reserved for book launches, see Acta Carpatica, a specialized publication reached at 3rd volume III (2016) of the “Eurocarpatica” Publishing House and Ştefadina … archive files, no. 1 from 2017, a magazine specialized on research and studies of history and archives fields, edited by “Ştefadina” Publishing.

The works continued with “I.I. Russu awarding prizes”, which was the occasion of the laudatio and awarded diplomas of merit for the work of some personalities celebrated in the current year.

The end has been attributed to moments less pleasant to the public, that is to say, thoughts about those who have passed on to the eternal during the period of the last scientific action.

As ever, for this ample movement of awareness and information of the pleiad of history and sociology researchers, of argumenting the local and national Romanian values, the Ecclesiastical Documentation Center “Mitropolit Nicolae Colan” managed to organize this event at the same level, engaging from year after year in all respects.