Andrei Saguna Days, XXIV edition

June 24-July 8, 2016, Sf. Gheorghe

On July, 1 and 2, 2016, in the run of XXIV edition dedicated to Andrei Saguna, held an event dedicated to celebrating two decades of activity Ecclesiastical Documentation Centre  “Metropolitan Nicolae Colan”. The symposium had as first discussion topic the title History, culture and faith in Romanian Transylvania. Another subject in the discussions of agenda day was New research on the history of Romanians in southeastern Transylvania in the National Colloquium Research Group “I.I. Russu” for the study of southeastern Transylvania, edition VIII.

The second day started with the topic Two decades in the service of Romanian history and culture, dedicated to celebrating 20 years of establishment of: Ecclesiastical Documentation Centre “Metropolitan Nicolae Colan” – Sf. Gheorghe, SC Magic Print SRL – Onesti and SC Stefadina Comserv SRL Bucharest. In same day were handed “Awards I.I. Russu” – 2016 edition, and the Memorial House “Romulus Cioflec”, in Araci held the event entitled “The shade of old walnut tree” where had been presented and launched publications focused on topics and subjects of Romanians history in southeastern Transylvania.