The “90th Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Heroes Nation Cross” (Caraiman Peak)

September 14, 2018, Buşteni

During the 3 days of events organized by the town of Buşteni (September 14-16, 2018), “Stefadina” Association was again present at this large-scale event organized by the Ministry of National Defense in collaboration with the Buşteni Town Hall, and there it will be presented the exhibition and film dedicated to Centenary of the Great Union.

Hosted by the Training Center for Industry Staff, the event began at 10.00 with an exhibition presented by the Artistic Fine Arts Studio, then the documentary exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the Centenary of Romania’s Integration, carried out by “Ştefadina” Association, and the virtual encyclopedia Romania 1918. People, moments and images conceived by “Siveco” Foundation. The “Military Tradition” Association also presented military items during the War of Enhancement of Romania.

Since 15.00, within the symposium dedicated to the event, scientific materials were presented by the invited historical and cultural personalities. In the presence of the officials, Minister Mihai Fifor – Ministry of National Defense, His Highness, Prince Radu – Royal House of Romania and local authorities, was presented the documentary film dedicated to the anniversary of the Centenary of the Great Union and released the Monographic Album entitled “The Cross – the glorious sign of victory in the Enlightenment of Romania – 100 years since the Great Union “.