Electronic archiving

Electronic archiving

In any institution, you can find documents with various types of content, documents that must reach their users, in order to be used efficiently. By digitization and document indexing the following benefits are obtained:

- the discharge of paper cost and used space;
- improved efficiency and time reduction in searching for information;
- operative solutions for clients regarding the documents;
- information protection through electronic signatures and date stamp markings.

The document digitization process has a physical processing stage followed by scanning. Indexing and digital storing completes the electronic archiving process. For a more efficient way of finding the information, in each project, the documents creator decides with our specialist the index structure.
In an electronic archive, the main objective is for the creator or the archive manager to quickly find the information.
In the electronic archive process, the documents follow the same stages as in the physical archive situation:

Document management

This step is similar to document classification and archival processing.

Kept in arch lever files, folders or other means of protection, the documents will be sorted according to a procedural methodology established by the beneficiary. After this the scanning process can begin.

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Document scanning

Our specialists will make the conversion from the physical form into a digital one. The documents are saved as multipage files with the following extensions: .tiff, .pdf, .djvu, compatible with registration software.

With our equipment we can scan specific materials from libraries and archives, for example: books, files, registries and documents with an A0 format. Documents of large sizes, glued or binded, will be scanned without any deterioration.

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Indexing and electronic archiving

By establishing an index structure, the digital documents will be indexed and structurally organized according to the clients’ demands.

By electronic signature we increase the level of information security contained by our documents.

Thus, your documents transform into an electronic archive ready to be used any time it is necessary in your daily activity.

The electronic archive is managed by a special software recognized at a European level: ELO Digital. The partnership with ELO Digital represents the most efficient solution for document creation and management.

For atypical projects we have developed our own software solutions for management and electronic archiving. Regardless of the complexity, we can find hardware and software solutions.

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