Deposit Ceremony of mortal remains belonging to Maria Brătianu

April 12, 2018, “Florica” Mansion, (Ştefăneşti, Argeş County)

In a place full of historical and spiritual load, in a landscape inspired from stories, inside the mansion who belongs to the Brătianu family, on April 12, 2018 took place in the crypt of the church from Florica the Deposit Ceremony of mortal remains belonging to Maria Brătianu, the daughter of the great historian Gheorghe Brătianu, who died in the prison in Sighet in 1953.

The moment organized by the “Civic Academy” Foundation and the Sighet Memorial in collaboration with the Argeş County Council was honored with the presence of local authorities, culture and art people, historians, student and academic researchers, representatives of the written and virtual media, as well as ordinary people with appreciation and gratitude towards national values.

Present at this solemn moment, all we can say is that we were rejoicing in the return to this picturesque historical area, participating with piety and respect at the deposition ceremony and the memorial service that took place in the crypt at Florica from the field of Brătianu familiy.