Andrei Şaguna Days, XXV edition

July 6, 2017, Sf. Gheorghe

During the same event dedicated to the “Andrei Şaguna Days”, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Christian-Cultural League “Andrei Şaguna”, on July 6, 2017 took place in the Orthodox Cathedral from Sfântu Gheorghe the Conference named The Holy Metropolitan Andrei Şaguna – our contemporary.

At this impressive event, with secular and religious connotations, they honored with the presence: ÎPS Laurenţiu Streza, Metropolitan Ardeal, PS Andrei Moldovan, Bishop of Covasna and Harghita, PS Sofian Braşoveanul, Vicar Bishop of the Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese of Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, members of Romanian Academy, representatives of the central and local state authorities and the leaders of educational institutions, culture, cults and public administration bearing the name of Holy Metropolitan Andrei Şaguna.

On this occasion, there were debated themes about the personality of the great hierarch-scholar Andrei Saguna, this “Messiah of Transylvania” of the nineteenth century, which had a beneficial influence on the Romanians in the intra-Carpathian Arch. With his acknowledged qualities as a hierarch, politician and exceptional manager, he included among his pastoral priorities the support of his faithful attempts in the former Szekler chairs, releasing the special situation in which they were.

The emotional charity and the special frame in which the works of the session took place, made the atmosphere to be one quiet, positive and elevating and promising for the better, to achieve those ideals that underpin the Romanian national state: unity, prosperity and national and international good understanding.